What Our Clients Say

Eleanor ShumakerEleanor Shumaker
My therapist at Blue Heron Massage is the best massage therapist I’ve ever had. She’s assertive, but not aggressive. She is sure of herself, but she doesn’t cause pain. Her reflexology of the feet leaves you walking on clouds!
Liz TarumianzLiz Tarumianz
Lora is truly the most gifted massage therapist with whom I have ever worked. As a busy mom of two and avid tennis player and equestrian, my muscles are often taxed and there is nothing that speeds along their recovery than a massage from Lora. Furthermore, she is intuitive and discerns places in your body that need extra attention  before you are even aware of them. I cannot recommend Lora enough; her massages are not only beneficial physically but are also the ultimate in relaxation.
Kelly DillonKelly Dillon
I've had two types of massages at Blue Heron Massage -- Deep Tissue and Maternity.I'm a runner. A marathoner. I've had a lot of massages. A lot of great massages. But they did more than work the knots out of tired muscles (though my therapist definitely did that and did it well) more importantly she helped identify imbalances in my muscles and explained to me why I had the aches and pains I had. She gave me the knowledge and with that knowledge, I was able to train my body better and avoid nagging aches and pains. It has helped ...
Adelaide SpizerAdelaide Spizer
As a busy mom of 3 little boys, I don't take much time for myself. I didn't realize what a difference an amazing massage would make in my life! Lora, the owner of Blue Heron Massage, is the absolute best massage therapist I have ever come across. She is able to not only effectively target problem areas, but also precisely determine reasons for stress and tension causing pain. I had no idea that my sudden persistent neck pain stemmed from carrying my heavy toddler, but she was right AND she was able to eliminate the pain altogether! Many times, I just ...
Susan SaxtonSusan Saxton
I have had several massages at Blue Heron Massage.  The therapists are fantabulous!  I was able to feel such relief as I have not felt before.  My therapist's energy work and use of essential oils were so inspired.  I am very grateful for the time we had and her willingness and ability to read the body.  I hope to be able to experience her work again soon.  THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!
Liz HilliardLiz Hilliard
Lora is one of the best massage therapists I've ever experienced.  I'm the owner of Hilliard Studio Method and HSM Core along with my daughter Clary. We appreciate Lora's keen knowledge of the body and skilled therapeutic touch. I highly recommend that you welcome her into your home, relax and enjoy!!
Adam BallAdam Ball
Lora has the knowledge and strength to work through my old sports injuries, high stress knots and long commute body strains.  After an hour and a half on the table, I'm so relaxed I don't want to leave.  I recommend Lora to all my friends, family and now to you.
Sassy HenrySassy Henry
Lora has been the in-house Massage Therapist at my business Sea View Inn on Pawleys Island, SC for 7-8 years. Always professional in her business and with our guests. Going out of her way to accommodate scheduling and other guest needs. Some of my guest get massage regularly and all over the world. I have heard many many times how she is "the best" they have ever had! She personally helped me through pre and post back surgery. Some days she was the only reason I could walk. Seriously! Her knowledge of anatomy and physiology is extensive. Lora is also ...
Karian ForschaKarian Forscha
I was recently diagnosed with cancer.  After that first Reiki session, I knew that I had discovered something that was good for me.  In fact, during that next week I noticed that as I did my daily household chores...I found myself "humming" some of my favorite songs. I hadn't hummed in years!  And later after the second Reiki session, I started sleeping and resting more peacefully at night and felt genuinely better about my entire self.
Clary Hilliard Gray Clary Hilliard Gray
I have been a client of Lora’s since the early 2000s, when I would see her at least twice, if not three times, during the week I’d spend in Pawley’s Island every summer. So of course I was thrilled when she started making trips to Charlotte for massages! I consider myself a bit of a massage snob. I love a good massage and get them often – I shoot for one every four weeks, which means throughout the years I’ve seen a great number of massage therapists. From the highest end spa in Scottsdale to the small operations, Lora tops ...
John CatesJohn Cates
I'm a avid biker. I do a lot of mountain bike racing in the Charlotte summer series and regional races. I have very tight hamstrings and after a 30 mile mountain bike training ride my body is pretty beat up all over. I have just now started trying massages from Blue Heron and I wished I'd done this earlier. Nothing has help me to recuperate more. It really helped my body relax and I sleep great after getting one. I wish I could get one after every ride.