Massage Modalities

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Acupressure: Like acupuncture but without the needles; a balancing of the body’s bio-electrical circuits or energy routes.

Aromatherapy: Aromatic or essential oils added to massage for various benefits.

AromaTouch: Structured massage with an ordered series of premium essential oils. Light to medium pressure.

Cancer Massage: A light modality using a mix of energy work, lymphatic drainage, and reflexology.

Cranial Sacral: Gentle, light to medium holds that release restrictions in the spinal column, bones of the head/spine and underlying structures.

Deep Tissue: A deep, slow modality focused on lengthening tight muscles. Very time-consuming, best mixed in short bits with Swedish or Sports Massage.

Facilitated Stretching: This is a good sports modality with gentle stretching of all major muscle groups. Mainly, the therapist stretches you, with or without some assistance from you.

Hot Stone: Water heated stones massaged into the body to relax and sooth achy muscles; catalyzes a deeper more effective release.

Injury: Area specific, rehabilitation massage for soft tissue damage. This modality uses short, focused strokes to strip out toxins and remold scar tissue, medium to deep pressure.

Lymphatic Drainage: Light, flat strokes help move fluid build up or mild inflammation.

Meridian Flexibility: Heavy, active stretching with a mix of squashing massage, compressions plus breathing. Wear movable clothes for this modality, no disrobing involved.

Reflexology: The activation and stimulation of nerve endings in feet, hands and ears. Medium to deep pressure.

Reiki: A fully clothed, specialized, holistic healing treatment that rebalances and revitalizes the energy pathways of the body. If you have anxiety, stress, pain, problems sleeping, feel stuck, exhausted and have tried other things — REIKI CAN HELP. Reiki is positive energy for the mind, body, emotion and spirit. Treatments bring you feelings of peace, calm and well-being. It is administered using gentle touch while lying on a massage table or sitting in a chair. Reiki reduces/releases stress, pain and tension, quiets the overactive mind, soothes the emotions, removes energy blockages and supports the healing process. (Miri Klements only)

Prenatal: Massage tailored for the expectant mother. Light to medium pressure.

Russian: Very ordered, very specific style of sports massage. Forget about staying awake for this one.

Sports: Light to medium massage with quick strokes. Some trigger point release and stretching included.

Swedish: A relaxation modality that ranges from light to deep. With five specific stokes, Swedish movement is toward the heart. Good for circulation and sore muscles.

TFH (Touch For Health): Kinesthesiology or muscle testing to find the imbalance between opposing muscles. TFH assists in discovering why a muscle is holding and thus helping to let it go.

Trigger Point Therapy: The search and rescue of knots in muscle tissue, Trigger Point focuses on individual hard spots and helps release their multilayered stubbornness. Deep to Very Deep pressure, best in conjunction with Injury or Swedish.

Myofascial Release: Deep to Very Deep pressure used slowly to melt and remold the fascia layers in between muscle tissue. Minimum 90 minute session per chosen body area. Full disrobing not required, yet no baggy clothes.

Shiatsu: Oriental massage with energy meridian manipulation combined with subtle stretching. Usually performed fully clothed (no jeans) on a pad or mat on the floor.