Q: What should I do to optimize the effects of my massage?
A: The best thing you can do before and after is to hydrate. Hydrating doesn’t just mean just drinking water, it also means avoiding food or drink that will actively DE-hydrate you. This includes anything sugary, salty, caffeinated or alcoholic.

Q: Is it customary to tip? If so, how much?
A: Yes, tips are a very important part of our income. The 40 hour work week is standard for most professions but for massage therapists a full-time load is equivalent to 11 hours of hands on massage time per week. Due to the physical demands of the profession we cannot possibly work as many hours so making as much per hour as possible is greatly influenced by our tips. You should tip according to your level of satisfaction like any other service industry.

Q: Do you ever get asked for “extras” with the massage?
A: Most therapists will experience inappropriate sexual advances and requests at some point in their career. It’s unfortunate but yes, it does happen. We are trained on how to professionally quell and avoid these situations.

Q: What’s better, massage or chiropractic?
A: That’s like asking a dentist if you should brush OR floss…the answer is yes. As bodyworkers we work mainly with the soft tissue (muscle, fascia, etc.) while chiropractors adjust to align the skeletal or bony structures. The muscles are connected to the bones and vice versa so finding an excellent chiropractor to adjust you in conjunction with your massage is ideal. Going to the chiropractor within 24 hours of your massage will facilitate an easier adjustment that holds longer. But be sure to find good ones! Below is a list of reputable chiropractors that we recommend throughout the Charlotte area:
Dr. Llana Call Smith
Dr. Doug Morris, D.C.
Dr. Clay Gasparovich, D.C.

Q: Don’t your hands get tired?
A: Technically most of the muscles for the hands are in the forearms so, no, our hands don’t ever get tired. Seriously, though, we are trained and conditioned for this kind of work so short of having a long day with a ridiculous workload of 7-8 hours of massage, we are energized and not drained by the bodywork that we provide.

Q: How often should I get a massage?
A: That’s like asking how often you should replace the tires on your car…it depends on how many miles you drive every day. If you are a “high mileage” body you should get massage more often. Most people with an active, stressful lifestyle average between 90 minutes and 3 hours of massage per month. Some receive weekly, others quarterly. If you listen to your body you will find the right frequency for you.

Q: I was injured in a car accident. Can massage help me get/feel better?
A: Most injuries are greatly benefited from massage therapy. In fact, all soft tissue injuries and most structural injuries whether accidental or sports will heal faster and better with massage. As a side note, if you were injured in an auto accident or at work and feel like you need legal representation I would recommend the following attorneys in the Charlotte area:
Phillips & McCrea PLLC
Wooden Bowers PLLC 

If you have a question you would like answered in our FAQ please email us! As long as it is appropriate we will reply and post. Your question may help many others as well, so ask away!