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Maintenance, Wellness and Maintenance
By Lora Lindquist / July 5, 2018

“You Want to Massage Where?”

The pelvis is the literal hinge of the body and affects both upper and lower body wellness. Find a Massage Therapist who is confident and competent in this area to experience the difference that comprehensive pelvic work brings to your quality of life.

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Choosing a Therapist, Wellness
By Lora Lindquist / June 18, 2018

Communication is Key

No matter where we are in our journey,  communication remains a consistent need in our lives. Adequate communication between massage...

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Wellness and Maintenance
By Lora Lindquist / April 21, 2018

We MUST Go Within to Express the Power of the Body, Mind and Soul

Lora Lindquist met with Natalie Viglione, president and CEO of TeamGu, live in-studio in Charlotte, NC for episode 28 of...

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Muscle Self-Care, Wellness and Maintenance
By Lora Lindquist / March 11, 2018

Specific Muscle Self Care: Masseter Muscles

The masseter muscle is the facial muscle that is largely responsible for chewing foods. It connects the lower jaw bone...

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Foam Rolling, Pain Management
By Lora Lindquist / March 4, 2018

To Roll or Not to Roll? That is the Question.

Foam rolling has become increasingly popular and can be a very effective tool when used regularly and more important, PROPERLY....

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Massage Modality, Wellness and Maintenance
By Lora Lindquist / February 25, 2018

What is Myofascial Release?

Myofascial release is the working of the fascial plains in the body to break up these adhesions and promote regenerative healing to the fascia.

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Maintenance, Muscle Self-Care
By Lora Lindquist / December 28, 2017

Muscle Self Care: Levator Scapulae

One of the most common indicators of stress is when our shoulders creep up closer and closer to our ears....

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Maintenance, Pain Management
By Lora Lindquist / December 17, 2017

Pain Is Your Friend NOT Your Enemy

The body is designed to send signals indicating when a course correction is needed. Pain is one of these important signals. Typically pain is a sensation felt to let us know that something is wrong.

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Types of Massage in Charlotte Swedish Massage
Massage Modality, Swedish Massage
By Lora Lindquist / December 6, 2017

Types of Massage Explained: Swedish Massage

Swedish massage is one of the most common massage modalities, particularly in the United States. Before we dive into the...

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Pair Theory the Three to Five Day Rule
Maintenance, Wellness
By Lora Lindquist / December 5, 2017

Pair Theory: The Three to Five Day Rule

Often times when clients come to me they are in dire straits. Their pain is so debilitating that they are...

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Piriformis Pain
Stretches, Wellness and Maintenance
By Lora Lindquist / November 19, 2017

Muscle Specific Self Care: Piriformis

The largest of the deep hip rotators, the piriformis can be responsible for the common ailment of pseudo-sciatica or piriformis...

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Why Does My Back Hurt
Back Pain, Wellness
By Lora Lindquist / November 15, 2017

What’s Causing My Back Pain?

One of the most common complaints that walks through my door is a client suffering from "low back pain". What's...

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Immune Boosters
Immune System, Wellness
By Lora Lindquist / November 12, 2017

4 Natural Immune Boosters Simplified

With six kids all over the place, there's not much that doesn't walk through our door. Remarkably, we hardly ever get sick and when we do it is short lived and quickly kicked out by our immune systems.

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Exercise, Wellness
By Lora Lindquist / November 10, 2017

The Lazy Man’s Exercise

Most people know that both regular exercise and massage are great for your health. But a little-known fact about both is that they are nearly identical and their health benefits.

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Tension Headaches
By Lora Lindquist / October 29, 2017

Common Tension Headache Trigger Points

Headaches are about as common an ailment as anything these days. When these headaches are caused by stress or tension the...

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Postpartum recovery
Postpartum Health, Pregnancy and Massage
By Lora Lindquist / October 25, 2017

The First 4-5 Months Postpartum Are Crucial to Your Body’s Recovery

If you are currently expecting, plan to be or know someone who may at some time be, then listen up!...

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Toxins Released Through Massage
By Lora Lindquist / October 24, 2017

Alcohol and Massage, Two Activities That DON’T Mix

Many people equate massage with the ideas of winding down, relaxing and relieving stress. Rightly so! These are absolutely some...

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Wellness and Maintenance
By Lora Lindquist / October 22, 2017

How Often Should I REALLY Get a Massage

This has consistently been one of the most common questions put to me. It's kind of a loaded one too...

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Choosing a Therapist
By Lora Lindquist / October 21, 2017

I Need A Great Massage Therapist. How Do I Find One?

Finding an awesome massage therapist can be a harrowing and daunting task especially when you move or your favorite therapist...

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